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December 29, 2012

Acrylic Products have designed and supplied acrylic products used by retailers and entertainment outlets. Acrylic products are highly customizable product display items which can be tailored for a specific business need and are always very attractive. We have our own design team who have designed and created many types of display boxes catered to different types of products. Through the years, we have worked with renowned brands like Dunhill, Kent, Maxis and Sports Toto where we have designed cutting edge display items for their respective outlets. Acrylic display items can be made into different shapes and sizes and can be further integrated with other elements like LED lighting and lock mechanisms for better security and function.

Apart from that, our team had worked with many large corporations and government bodies where we have supplied high quality and durable acrylic products which are artistic and at the same time fully functional and practical. Our clients like Magnum Corporation, Twisties and Dell Corporation are some of the many others who have benefited from our designs. Our service start from the conceptualization of idea where our professionals will work and assist you in coming out with the best and most practical designs which are unique and one-of-its-kind that are specifically tailored for a specific requirement.

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