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The future of Mobile Marketing

Many have predicted that mobile advertising is the next biggest mainstream marketing mix in B2B sector. The question is, will mobile phone really be a feasible tool in B2B sector? Yes, you may have noticed that in the last few ...
by james


Four methods e-mail marketers ought to follow to improve customer relationships

To maintain the sales profit for a company, e-mail marketers hold responsibility to keep the interaction and engagement between the customers and companies. Marketers have to do everything and try their best to get positive res...
by james


All-time biggest corporate blogging mistakes that you should avoid

Corporate blogs are meant to enhance the communication in a corporation for branding, marketing or public relation purposes. A typical corporate blog contains text, images, other related topics as well as link to other blogs. H...
by james



How to ensure that your customers are satisfied with your customer service

Customer service is one of the most important elements that will either make or break your business. Do you still remember the last time you encountered a negative buying experience? Most probably you still remember that partic...
by james


Attracting prospects with small space ads

Here are some top tips to attract prospects with small space ads like mobile screens. Tip 1: Identify target audience When your company first designs an advertisement, understand the nature of the target audience. Try to convin...
by james