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December 4, 2012

Illuminated Signage

Illuminated signage is typically, as the name implies signage used by businesses which incorporate illumination from within the structure itself. Essentially, illuminated signage was very much like lightboxes which have been in used for many years. They use the fluorescent cold cathode lighting that are fitted within the box and then lights up the image that have been imprinted in front.

With the advancement of technology, new and more modern ways of advertising are now demanded. This is where technologies like LED (Light-emitting display) are used. LED is gaining popularity among businesses as they are much more versatile by offering customizable messages and information while they are also very cost-effective. Maintenance is easier and it is not very expensive to install.

It must be noted that for every type of lighting used in signage, if they are placed in a public location or at a place where the public can view it, the owner of the board must apply from the local councils or the municipal halls respectively. It is important to understand the local laws pertaining to advertising and the authorities that govern these laws.


Apart from that, LED uses very low voltage (12V) and it is now one of the de facto standards in the advertising industry particularly popular among information boards, kiosks and signages. Among the main reasons why LED lighting is more popular as compared to other more conventional forms include:

–          Cheaper cost for energy as LED uses less electricity

–          Lower cost as LED only requires a one-time purchase

–          Versatile and customizable content

–          Longer running hours. LED is known to last much longer than conventional lighting

–          Lesser maintenance costs as LED is self-running

–          Brightness can be controlled

–          Environmental friendly


Illuminated signs that use LED technology come in many forms. They include pylon, single-sided fascia, garden bed, under awning, cantilever, 3D lettering, reception, edge lit and pan channel letter signs, among others.

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