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November 30, 2015

The future of Mobile Marketing

Many have predicted that mobile advertising is the next biggest mainstream marketing mix in B2B sector. The question is, will mobile phone really be a feasible tool in B2B sector?

Yes, you may have noticed that in the last few years, mobile phones have become a must-have technology gadget for the young ones, working adults as well as senior citizens. However, up till now, marketers have never considered mobile as a potential marketing channel.

Marketers are now thinking of an effective way for B2B marketers to distribute and send advertisements without turning it into spam. Companies that have created the mobile ecosystem encourage B2B sector to fully utilize mobile to generate revenue from various transactions such as SMS, Whatsapp, Wechat or mobile app, text message, phone calls, games as well as ring tones.

These traditional transactions rarely follow the standard communications and marketing design. This is because these companies lack of understanding in B2B marketing.

Formerly, marketers will purchase an “all-in-one” solution whereby the telecommunication companies will handle and manage every aspect. Marketers do not have the power to add value to their product, service and most importantly, customers. As a result, marketers need to limit their creativity and innovation.

In order to turn mobile advertising into the next biggest mainstream marketing mix, mobile businesses need to eliminate the control of self-promoting community. Those who are still skeptical about mobile advertising are those who are missing from the community itself.

This is because the marketers know the needs and expectation of customers. Therefore, marketers do not want to be involved in the “all-in-one” solution offered by mobile businesses.

Are you in Whatsapp and Wechat Marketing?

As marketers want to add value to the customer by providing catalogues and pictures in phones, they would like to change the current trend in mobile businesses. Marketers always look for ways to complement and support other marketing channel. Wechat and Whatsapp Marketing fit into this purpose perfectly. Marketer would be able to see a change in mobile advertising in the future.

Another challenge to turn mobile advertising into the next mainstream marketing mix is the technology issue. Fragmentation of market has lead to the invention of different versions of phone operating software and operator-specific delivery schemes.

Hence, mobile marketing is rather costly due to the differences. However, constant evolution in mobiles such as the introduction of Java to support mobile games forced a change in mobile opportunities.

Marketers believed that mobile needs to be treated highly in order to be able to deliver its special benefits. The invention of Java opens up the opportunity to reach the masses at a relatively low-cost.

As most have predicted that mobile advertising is rising in its popularity, mobile businesses offer creative solutions such as WAP, MMS, IM  and SMS to add real value and encourage the marketers to purchase a spot for their companies.

Whatsapp and other App Marketing

Technology has changed the lives of people around the world today where mobile phones and devices have become an integral part of life. Hence, it is no surprise that a majority of people today carry a mobile phone or device for faster communication and to be kept abreast of the latest news and happenings at all times.

In the fast-paced world today, Whatsapp and Mobile technology has become an important communication tool where people need not make calls as often anymore. They receive and send SMSes and Whatsapp mobile messages which are more efficient, economical and more productive. This is where advertising through mobile devices come into play where it has become a common practice for companies to channel their advertisements to a specific target market using this technology.
One of the main advantages of SMS and Whatsapp mobile advertising is that these messages could reach a potential target market more effectively. Advertisers are able to identify a specific demographic group and then send their messages to them thereby reducing wastage of advertising dollars. This is made possible through the registration of members and the availability of databases where any demographic group could be identified and then the advertisements are subsequently sent to them.

Cutting Edge mobile technology with Mobile Blaster

MobileBlaster is one of the pioneers and major players of the mobile advertising sector. They have been operating mobile based marketing platforms for many years and currently own our own set of facilities to ensure that our customers enjoy low-cost and highly-effective campaigns. Customers of MobileBlaster work with us on the various areas of mobile advertising that include initial discussions on conceptualisation, integration with other media, identifying of target market as well as in the execution of the campaign. Apart from mobile, MobileBlaster also offer services like artwork and design as well as any other mobile network-based advertising methods like MMS, email and e-flyers, among others.