Four methods e-mail marketers ought to follow to improve customer relationships


To maintain the sales profit for a company, e-mail marketers hold responsibility to keep the interaction and engagement between the customers and companies. Marketers have to do everything and try their best to get positive response from customers.

First of all, what exactly is engagement? In terms of marketing, engagement is more than the old staple of relationship marketing. Customers who are actively involved with the company’s ups and downs are always interested in the latest offering of the company.

A healthy engaged relationship is a two-way communication process involving the marketers from the company as well as regular customers. To achieve this objective, marketers need to listen to customers demand and needs. Thus, company can upgrade and improve their service based on the opinion given by customers.

Bear in mind that not every customer is cooperative. Hence, marketers need to use more than the least-common-denominator approach and get involved with customers who are comfortable with it.

First and foremost, track the regular customers who interact regularly with your web site and e-mail programs. It is important to show concern towards these loyal customers that you care about them individually.

One effective way is to collect their data by sending them a survey form. Analyze them according to the answers provided. This is the very first step to get yourself involve in a world of engagement marketing.

Next up, determine and categorize a shared and common characteristic between your favourite e-mail senders. Because they understand your needs and tailored the design according to your preference.

This in turn leads you to open and click on those specific channels. This is known as the new world of engagement in today’s market.

Ways to enhance customers’ interaction

There are a few strategies that marketers ought to follow to get customers involved in your company latest happenings.

Tip 1: Leave a good impression for welcome campaign

What is a welcome campaign? In marketing, welcome campaign is important as it is a foundation for the company to start an interaction with new customer. Welcome campaign here refers to an automated series of e-mails when new user log in to certain program.

The program features first welcome message that helps to engage the subscribers immediately after the opt-in. Besides that, the welcome message also plays an important role as it helps to build new subscribers’ enthusiasm besides reinforcing your brand in the market.

Tip 2: Send e-mails when customers are open

Marketers can never send the message at the right moment without conducting s research beforehand. The only way to know the best time and day to send e-mails is by testing.

An effective way to ensure that the e-mail works for customers is to track the best time for each individual recipient.

Tip 3: Win back old subscribers

Some individuals may stop the engagement process due to reasons that includes changes in interest, failed to fully engage as new subscribers as well as certain of your e-mail messages didn’t meet their expectations and needs. However, you may still stand a chance to win them back again through a series of strategies.

How do you accomplish that? Develop a new e-mail chain and collect their data through online survey. You may then set up new profiles and categorize them in order to send personalize e-mails to these recipients.